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What accessories are included in the GEM Box starter pack?

In addition to the GEM Box console you will also find included a Bluetooth wireless GEM Pad, an AC adapter, an HDMI cable, an Ethernet cable and a micro USB cable.

How do I set up my GEM Box?

  • Connect your GEM Box to your TV/home cinema using the HDMI cable provided.
  • Connect your Gem Box to your broadband router using the Ethernet cable provided (direct connection via cable instead of Wi-Fi is recommended).
  • Connect your Gembox to your mains power socket using the AC adapter provided and switch on.
  • You can now start your GEM Box. When you connect your Gem Box for the first time, simply follow the installation guide to complete your set up (including the wifi configuration).

What do I do if I do not see anything on my TV Screen?

Check that your TV and the GEM Box are switched on and that your TV is on the correct video source.
Check that the cables between the GEM Box and your TV/Home Cinema are plugged in and switched on.
If you are using a Home Cinema, check that the system is switched on.

What do I do if I cannot hear any sound?

Check that the cables between the GEM Box and your TV/Home Cinema are plugged in.
Deactivate the “mute” feature, increase the volume of your TV/GEM Box/Home Cinema.

What do I do if I cannot I cannot access Internet?

Check that your Ethernet router or Wi-Fi router is switched on and that the cables are connected correctly.

If you are using Wi-Fi, check that nothing is blocking the Wi-Fi reception for your Wi-Fi router or your GEM Box, and that your Wi-Fi password is correct.
Check that your Internet Service Provider does not encounter any connectivity issues.

What are the recommended Internet connection requirements?

You can connect your GEM Box either with Wi-Fi or with the Ethernet cable. However, you must connect your GEM Box using the Ethernet cable in order to enjoy the GameFly Streaming service. The minimum Internet connection speed required is 5Mbps if you have no other device connected in the home. The recommended Internet connection speed is 10Mbps.

Is an Internet connection required to play the Android games?

You can play the 4 preloaded Android games without any Internet connection! To download and then play the other Android games proposed in the GEM Store, you need an Internet connection.

Where in the GEM Box menu will I find the 4 preloaded Android games?

Once your GEM Box is set up, you can immediately access the preloaded games in the “My Games” section of the menu.


How can I download Apps?

You can download Apps from the Google Play Store (“Play Store” icon) or from an alternative store (“Multimedia/Network/Browser”).


What is the compatibility of the GEM Box with certain APPs such as Netflix, Spotify, Twitch, or BBC iPlayer?

Most of these Android TV APPs request to have at least Android 5.0 as an OS on the TV box to be visible and uninstallable from Google Play. The GEM Box is an Android 4.4 console but you can install the apps two different ways on the GEM Box:

1/ Aptoide:

  • open the web browser on Gembox and go to
  • download the app
  • close the web browser and go to downloads
  • Install Aptoide
  • Once it’s done, open Aptoide and move to the search button
  • Enter the name of the application you are looking for
  • Then just install it

For some apps (as for example Spotify), we recommend you to install “rotation locker” first from Google Play (to keep the app in Landscape mode)

2/ Appinstaller:

  • On your smartphone install “backup and restore app” from Google Play
  • Download/install the application you are looking for from Google Play
  • Open “backup and restore” and backup your app
  • Plug your smarpthone to your PC, then go to “App_Backup_Restore” folder
  • Copy the “.apk” file to your PC or a USB flash drive
  • Then plug the USB flash drive to the Gembox and install it from “appinstaller” application

Please note that you might need to use the mouse mode of the GEM Pad from time to time while downloading and or using these APPs.

If I delete by error a downloaded game in the "My Games" section or an App in the "My Apps" section, how can I retrieve it?

You need to download it again directly in the Google Play store. If it was a paid game, you will not be charged again.


How do I add/remove a shortcut in the "My Games" or "My Apps" section?

  • Select the section of the menu where you want to add the shortcut.
  • Click on the icon
  • Select the application you want to create a shortcut for.
  • The application will now be added to that section of the menu.
  • If you want to remove a shortcut, press the Y button.


What languages are available for the GEM Box user interface?

9 languages are available: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian.

How to reset my GEM Box?

If your GEM Box is blocked or needs to be reset:

  • Disconnect the power cable from your GEM Box.
  • Use a paper clip to push on the “Reset” button on the bottom of the GEM Box, then reconnect the power cable to the GEM Box whilst keeping the paper clip pushed for 5 seconds.
  • Remove the paper clip from the “Reset” button and follow the instructions on your TV screen.

How do I use the parental control?

Tutorial available here



GEM Store

What is the GEM Store?

The GEM Store is a selection of 150 Android games available for download from the Google Play store. All of these games are fully playable with the GEM Pad. New games are added monthly in the GEM Store. 4 preloaded Gameloft games are also included.

For ease of use, the selection has been split into categories:

  • Simulation / Strategy.
  • Action / Adventure / RPG.
  • Casual / Board Games.
  • Card / Puzzle.
  • Sport / Racing.


Are the games in the GEM Store already installed on my GEM Box?

No, the GEM Store is only a suggested catalogue of games playable with a gamepad. You can then download these games using the Google Play Store link.

If I do not have any Google account, could I download the games proposed in the GEM Store?

No. To download games from the Google Play Store you need to create a Google account following the instructions given on the screen.


GameFly Streaming

How to redeem your GameFly Streaming 1-month free subscription?

Tutorial available here

Can I use GameFly Streaming with a wi-fi connection?

No. GameFly Streaming service is only available using Ethernet.

What can I do if the measured speed is below the minimum recommended limit of 5Mb/s?

In order to improve your broadband speed, switch off the equipment below:

  • If you have a Pay TV box (for example Sky TV), switch it off whilst using GameFly Streaming.
  • Don’t use other streaming services (such as YouTube and Netflix) whilst using GameFly Streaming.
  • Don’t download from any other equipment using your Internet connection whilst playing on GameFly Streaming:
    • Avoid all downloads from smart devices and PCs.
    • Switch off your peer-to-peer service when you use GameFly Streaming.
  • Don’t update your PC/Mac or smart device applications whilst using GameFly Streaming.

Once all of these services are switched off, then measure your Internet speed again.

If your Internet speed is still below 5Mb/s, GameFly Streaming cannot be used on your Internet line. Contact your broadband providor to learn how to upgrade your connection speed.

How many games are included in each GameFly subscription pack?

36 games are proposed in the “Family pack” and 33 games in the “Gamer Pack”. New games are added monthly!

Does GameFly Streaming support wireless connectivity to the GEM Box?

Yes, GameFly Streaming currently supports wireless connections using 5 GHz (802.11n, 802.11ac standard only).

What languages are available in GameFly Streaming?

6 languages are available: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian.

Are GameFly Streaming games downloaded to my GEM Box?

No. The games run on GameFly Streaming servers and are streamed via your GEM Box to your TV. The technology is solely focused on providing high-quality playability. GameFly Streaming minimizes latency and emphasizes video quality, so you can play the games uninterrupted on your TV.

Can I change the graphics options for certain games?

The graphics options cannot be changed; they are automatically set to the highest settings possible.

How many games can I stream simultaneously as part of my subscription?

You can only stream one game at a time, selected from any of those games included in your subscription pack.

Does GameFly Streaming support multiplayer gaming?

Games with local multiplayer are supported – you may need additional GEM Pad controllers for your friends and family. 13 games with local multiplayers are currently proposed.


Can I save and resume my game?

Of course! Your game save information is automatically stored on the GameFly Streaming service. When you are ready to play again, you can pick up right from where you left off.

If I decide not to renew my subscription, what happens to my game save information?

Thanks to GameFly Streaming service, your game save information will be retained even while your account is inactive – for up to 90 days. That way, you can resume playing right where you left off as soon as you re-subscribe with the same account.

How do I switch to Ethernet connection when I previously used the GEM Box with wifi?

If your GEM Box is set up with a wifi connection, you need to go to the “My GEM Box” settings to disconnect the wifi by changing the wifi option to “No”, and then go for the Ethernet option in the same menu and change this setting to “Yes”. Then you can enjoy GameFly Streaming games via an Ethernet connection.


GEM Stream

What are the requirements to stream games from my PC to my TV?

Can I use my PC for other activities whilst I use the GEM Stream App to stream my PC games?

No. When you stream your PC games using the GEM Stream App, your PC is dedicated to this activity so no other activities can be performed at the same time.


Can I stream games from a Mac to my TV?

No, you cannot stream your games from your Mac to your TV. GEM Steam is only available to stream games from your PC.


What type of games can I stream on my TV?

If your PC meets the requirements listed above, the GEM Stream App on your GEM Box will automatically recognize the game library available in your PC, independently downloaded from Steam Big Picture, Origin, U-Play or any CD-Rom games.


How is my PC game library streamed on my TV?

Your PC games are streamed from your PC to your TV using wifi (from the GEM Box) or an Ethernet cable (recommended).


Can I play my PC games using a mouse and a keyboard?

Your PC games streamed on your TV are playable either with the GEM Pad (for games configured with a gamepad) or with a mouse and a keyboard plugged in the USB slot of the GEM Box.

Retro Gaming

What retro gaming Apps are available on the GEM Box?

3 Apps available to download from Google Play have been suggested in the “Retro Gaming” section of the GEM Box: Classic Boy, SuperRetro16 Lite and DraStic DS. Other Apps are available but we have suggested these 3 Apps as they are all compatible with the GEM Box and GEM Pad.

Are the emulators in the "Retro Gaming" section already installed in my GEM Box?

No, the Apps are only suggested emulators playable with the GEM Box. You have to download the Apps using the Google Play Store link before you can start to use them.

Do these Apps provide the actual games to play?

No, the emulators do not provide the actual game (sometimes this is referred to as a “ROM”) to play. You can either use backup copies of your own physical video game cartridges to emulate them on your GEM Box, or use your Internet Browser to search and download the games you wish to play.

How do I link the game ROM to the emulator?

Download your game ROM on to a USB flash drive and then insert the USB flash drive into the GEM Box using the appropriate socket. Then open the emulator you want to play with on your GEM Box and select your game ROM on the files folder located on your USB flash drive. Your game ROM is now linked to the emulator.

What retro consoles are available on the suggested emulators?

You can play games from Sega Master System II©, Super Nintendo©, Nintendo NES©, Nintendo DS©, Playstation 1©, Game Boy©, Game Boy Color© and Game Boy Advance©.

Disclaimer: GEM Box is not affiliated with, nor authorized, endorsed or licensed in any way by Nintendo©, Sony©, Sega ©or SNK Corporation©, their affiliates or subsidiaries.

How do I map the GEM Pad to make it compatible with retro games?

Please download this document and follow the instructions provided.


Multimedia Centre

Why is Google Photo not supported by GEM Box?

Google Photo is a dedicated App for smart phones and tablets only, not for Android TV.

What are the CODEC supported by GEM Box?

  • Video: H264, XVID.
  • Audio: MP3.

What do I do if I cannot get my videos to play?

We recommend that you to download the “MX Player” application on Google Play.

What do I do if I cannot use the Miracast application?

The Mircast application only works with a smart phone or tablet with Android 4.2 and above, compatible with Miracast.

Can I mirror my multimedia content from my Apple TM device to my TV?

It is possible by downloading the “AirPlay/DLNA receiver (Pro)” App from Google Play on your GEM Box. Read the complete process

What is the maximum microSD capacity accepted by the GEM Box?




What do I do if my GEM Pad doesn’t work?

Make sure that your GEM Pad is turned on by sliding the «Gamepad Mode».

Make sure your GEM Pad is charged using the micro USB cable provided.

If your GEM Pad is not recognized by the GEM Box, please follow the instructions below to pair it.

How do I pair a GEM Pad with my GEM Box console?

When your GEM Box is turned on:

  • Use a paper clip to push on the “Reset” button on the bottom of the GEM Box for 5 seconds. The “pairing mode” of the console will be activated.
  • Then follow the instructions on your TV screen to finalize the pairing of the GEM Pad with your GEM Box console.

How do I pair a GEM Pad with an Android smartphone or tablet?

The GEM Pad is compatible with all Android smartphones and tablets that use Android 3.1 and later (HID standard). Be careful: if you pair the GEM Pad of your GEM Box with a smartphone or tablet, it will no longer be paired with the GEM Box. Please refer to the question “How do I pair a GEM Pad with my GEM Box console?” if you want to use it with your GEM Box again.

Turn your GEM Pad on in Game Pad mode (using the switch in the centre):

  • Go into the Bluetooth menu of your Android device
  • Activate Bluetooth if it is not already activated
  • Press and hold the HOME button of the GEM Pad for 5 seconds
  • On your smartphone/tablet, search for/refresh nearby Bluetooth devices
  • Select “Bluetooth Gamepad” from the list
  • If you are asked for a PIN, enter “0000”
  • Your GEM Pad is now paired with your Android smartphone/tablet.

How do I recharge my GEM Pad?

To recharge the internal GEM Pad battery, connect the GEM Pad to your GEM Box using the micro USB cable provided.

How long does it take to charge the GEM Pad with the microUSB cable?

Between 2 and 3 hours.

What is the GEM Pad battery life when using it to play with the GEM Box?

Between 8 and 10 hours.

What controllers are supported by the GEM Box?

Compatible gamepads are listed below:

  • Xbox 360 TM Controller (Wired).


GEM Motion

How do I pair a GEM Motion remote control with my GEM Box console?

  • Turn on the GEM Motion remote control by pushing the “Power/standby” button.
  • Go to “My GemBox/Settings/Bluetooth” menu on your GEM Box.
  • Select “GEM Motion” to launch pairing.
  • When pairing is complete, a “connected” notification will appear on the TV screen.

What do I do if the buttons on my GEM Motion remote control do not respond?

The built-in battery of the GEM Motion remote control might be running low. In this case, use the micro-USB cable provided to charge your GEM Motion. Your GEM Motion is still charging as long as the blue LED is on. As soon as the blue light goes off, your remote control is fully charged.

How to recharge the GEM Motion?

To recharge the internal remote control battery, connect the GEM Motion to your Gem Box using the micro USB cable provided.

How to remove a task in the task list?

When you press the “task list” button on your GEM Motion remote control, all the tasks are displayed on the screen. You need to switch to “mouse mode” to remove a task. Slide down or up to end a task.

How long is it necessary to reconnect my GEM Motion with my GEM Box when I reboot the console?

Around 20 seconds after pressing any button on the remote control.

What do I do if I cannot use the Miracast application?

The Mircast application only works with a smart phone or tablet with Android 4.2 and above, compatible with Miracast.

Orders, deliveries, returns, etc.

How much does it cost to prepare and deliver my order?

The cost varies depending on the type of order (number of items, total weight, and country of destination). The ordered items shall be prepared as soon as payment is received, providing the ordered items are available. If an item is not available at the time of order, EMTEC shall notify you as soon as possible and offer you alternative solutions, such as an exchange or a refund.

What is the delivery leadtime?

Our delivery service proivider is Chronopost*. Should the delivery be late for any reason whatsoever, EMTEC cannot be held liable.

The delivery leadtimes, provided the products ordered are in stock and without force majeure, are the following**:

– France: Next day delivery before 1pm for any order placed before 1pm. Someone will have to be at home to sign for the delivery.

– Europe :
Classic: Fast delivery to 27 European countries (from 2 to 6 business days). For example, delivery to Berlin, Brussels or London in 3 days for any order placed before 1pm.
Express: Delivery between 1 to 3 business days for any order placed before 1pm.

*Deliveries will be provided by Chronopost, unless technically not feasible. In that case, deliveries will be provided by another authorized carrier.

**Preordered products will be delivered starting from September 2016.

How can I track the delivery?

– Europe :
To track the delivery, go to and enter your 13 diggits tracking number whichcan be found in your dispatch confirmation email and is also available in your customer account on our website.

I have not received my order within the expected timeframe, and had no information from EMTEC

Please contact us by email to or tweet us at @EMTEC_Support.

Please provide your order number which can be found in your order confirmation email or in your customer account on our website. We will then investigate with our delivery service provider, Chronopost.

You can also contact us by phone on the number indicated in your order confirmation email.

The parcel is damaged. What should I do?

If during the delivery of your parcel, you observe it is abnormal (crushed, torn, open, wet, etc.), we advise you to refuse the delivery. Should you decide to keep the defective parcel, we shall not be held liable and the warranty shall be void.

What should I do if after receiving the parcel, I notice the product is not the one I ordered or is faulty?

Contact us by email on or tweet us at @EMTEC_Support, to be informed of the exchange procedure.

For more information, click here to visit our warranty page


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