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Gem Box Revealed: Meet the micro-console that wants to be Netflix for gamers

TrustedReviews | 2016-07-28

Developed by French company Emtec, the Gem Box is a micro-console with some ambitious plans for casual players.
Set to launch in the US, UK and France on August 18, the Gem Box will have access to a selection of impressive titles via the Google Play store.
In addition, the console will be able to power advanced emulators and perform HD game-streaming through the Gamefly service.


Gem Box: the micro-console that wants to be the ‘Netflix for games’

MCV UK | 2016-07-25

French company Emtec wants to succeed where nearly everybody else has failed.
On August 18th, the firm will launch Gem Box in the US, UK and France, before releasing in other European territories later this year.
This Android micro-console, which comes with its own controller, gives access to a large selection of Google Play games and emulators, and allows for HD streaming via GameFly.


I never knew I wanted a GemBox until I had one

God is a Geek | 2016-07-04

Anyone who knows me, or even follows me on Twitter (shameless plug), will know that I am a bit of an Apple fanboy. I’m rocking a MacBook Air, iPhone 6 Plus and an iPad Pro, and my dislike for Android has been well documented. So when the GemBox turned up and was billed as an Andorid games console I was not expecting to like it, especially as some of its key features require a good internet connection, which is only a pipe dream for me.


The amazing GameFly games you can stream today

Red Bull | 2016-06-20

You don’t need a console or a PC to play any more, as these titles prove.
While gaming hardware gets better and better, it’s not getting a great deal cheaper. Want a new VR headset? You’ll need to cut off an arm and a leg first, which makes those clever controllers it comes with rather tricky to hold. 4K PlayStation? Sure, why not. Just remember to shell out for a 4K TV while you’re down the shops, too.


GemBox playtest in Paris! Is DOOM any good? General Ubisoft discussion! | Flickering Myth Gaming Podcast

Flickering Myth | 2016-06-08

In this Flickering Myth Gaming Podcast Villordsutch and Shaun sit down to talk about Shaun’s recent trip to Paris to test out the GemBox, whether DOOM is any good and Ubisoft in general…
No Man’s Sky being delayed again could this be due Sony wanting to bring the release closer to the PlayStation VR or is it in truth just to shine up the bells and whistles on the actual game,


Hardware Review – GEM Box: A budget all-in-one Android microconsole

Flickering Myth | 2016-06-06

When it comes to the home entertainment streaming market, business is booming. More and more people are making the decision to get rid of their digital TV subscriptions in favour of the Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast and the Roku Stick. Small, affordable streaming services that offer more choice to consumers in terms of television and music content, and customisability are beginning to become the norm in the average household, so where does gaming fit into this? The Amazon Fire Stick and Google Chromecast do offer up a selection of playable games, but are very limited in terms of variety and compatibility. With this in mind, surely the next big step in this area of popular technology would be one that brings more focus to console-like games, right? Enter the GEM Box.


The best TV streaming boxes and sticks – reviewed

Stuff | 2016-06-01

Gone are the dark days of low-res entertainment. Banished to the bin of bad telly be the buffering disappointment of 720p. Next-gen streaming sticks and bandwidth-busting TV boxes are here – and they signal the arrival of a hi-res revolution.
Whilst a world of from-the-web telly awaits, choosing the right box for your TV takes a bit of thought. Fancy 4K? After an Apple? Want to stream some games? One device most certainly does not offer all these features.


EMTEC Showing GEM Box at E3 2016

GGS Gamer | 2016-05-16

EMTEC are showing the GEM Box (Game Entertainment Multimedia) Microconsole at E3 2016! This $99 console provides a hassle free, instant way to access AAA and casual titles/media libraries through GameFly Streaming, Android Gaming via Google Play, and PC mirroring.
t’ll be shown off from June 14 – 16, at the Devolver Digital “Parking Lot of Dreams and Awesomeness,” across the street from the Los Angeles Convention Centre. It’ll be available this summer for $99, including the microconsole, the Bluetooth gaming controller, and a one-month subscription to the GameFly Streaming service.


GEM Box Will Be Shown at E3

Next-Gen Gaming Blog | 2016-05-13

EMTEC International have announced that they will be showcasing their upcoming GEM Box at E3 next month.
The microconsole will be shown during E3 2016 at the Devolver Digital “Parking Lot of Dreams and Awesomeness,” located across the street from the Los Angeles Convention Center. Nathalie Lamri, Marketing Director at EMTEC stated: “Our motto is ‘technology made for life,’ and the GEM Box truly exemplifies this belief. It packs a great deal of entertainment options into a tiny package, giving everyone from parents to core gamers the flexibility to forget about tech limitations and just have fun together. EMTEC has been in the hardware business for over 75 years, and we’re thrilled to be exhibiting at E3 for the very first time!”


The GEM box is an Android Based TV Console

GameGrin | 2016-05-08

EMTEC have announced that their console, the GEM box, will be available in Europe ready for the end of August. Priced at just shy of a hundred euros, this diminutive console is an Android based box that pairs with the included Bluetooth gamepad or optional motion controller to play games on your TV. It comes pre-loaded with four games from esteemed mobile publisher Gameloft but also connects to Google’s Play Store to download more.